Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE)

Fragrance & Flavoring Industry are left over with surplus materials. Many a times, they do not consume all the materials from a drum and then are faced with a dilemma as to what to do with it. Such surplus and expired raw materials is repurposed by FnF Surplus.

Expired essential oils from industry are retested for their chemical and physical stability, possible contaminations and efficacy; before being repackaged. Most often, these essential oils are the “essence” of the plant from which it is extracted. Even after prolonged storage, their original properties change only by 2-3%, making it safe to use in any products which are not directly consumed by humans. Such essentials oils can be repurposed & recycled to prepare mixture of odoriferous substances (blending, mixing and fractional distillation) for Agarbattis, Air care products and Home & Hygiene products.

These repurposed materials are then sold to NGOs supporting women self-help groups or cottage industries engaged in manufacturing of incense sticks, air care products and are looking for quality fragrance materials at significantly low prices and to several micro & cottage enterprises engaged in manufacturing of soaps, handwash, sanitizer and other home & hygiene products that are in need of such expensive materials in the course of their product manufacturing process but cannot afford to buy good quality materials. With Swachh Bharat or “Clean India” Mission launched by Hon'ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, proper maintenance and operation of sanitary installations is one of the goals in the National Urban Sanitation Policy. This provides employment opportunities for women as well as high quality of product saving on the manufacturing cost.

This whole cycle represents the circular economy where it supports the efficient utilization of expired products to reduce its negative impact on the environment. As Mission LiFE 202223 by Government of India focuses on Change in Demand, we nudge institutions to practice simple environment-friendly actions of recycling expired & surplus material to leave a specific and measurable impact, in terms of sustainability.

At FnF Surplus, we understand the dilemma faced by those who have surplus materials as well as those who are material deficit. Hence, we created a platform to repurpose and recycle essential oils to bridge the gap and make quality fragrance materials available to companies engaged in production of Home & Hygiene products at fair prices.

Adopting this practice leads to negligible to no wastage, no landfill and incineration of expired materials, no trade or sewage effluent, reduces water consumption, chemical sludge and organic waste from the factory. This helps to lessen carbon footprints, water footprints and environmental damage.